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2016 gets off to an exciting start

with the announcement that I have joined LUX as applications editor.








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I've been writing commentary on the state of lighting design, the state of our industry and what we should really be doing for many years - as this website demonstrates so well. But the idea of being able to do this kind of thing as my main job hadn't realy occurred to me until I found myself across a table from Ray Molony and Gordon Routledge at the end of last year . . . and so here I am, and my world is turned upside down!




For the past forever I've been used to spending most of my waking hours thinking about solving other people's lighting issues, with the occasional foray into the world of publiishing; from here on I'll be spending most of my waking hours, and no doubt some of my un-waking hours, thinking about tomorrow's piece for Lux Review, with the occasional foray into lighting design. From a practical point of view, I'll be limiting my design work to local projects here in the South West (bearing in mind that Truro is still four hours away) - that's the theory anyway. So, with that in mind . . .

If you'd like to talk to me about lighting design,
please contact me at
if its journalism that you're after​, then
contact me at


or ring me at 01935 812447.

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RIBA CPD in 2015

John Bullock is presenting a series of seminars to all RIBA regions during 2015, as part of the RIBA CPD Core Programme.



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