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A conversation across a dining table: "I think good lighting is SO important; don't you?"

"Well, of course I do - I'm a lighting designer."


Light is one of those elemental things that we can't live without and with which I developed a passionate relationship many years ago.

Sometimes I even think I know what its trying to tell me.

As a lighting design consultant its my job to know everything - or very nearly everything - about how light works when its applied into our lives and across my long career I've had the opportunity to work on many different types of architectural and interior design project.

I hope the pages below help demonstrate what I mean by Good Lighting Design.


Happy anniversary to me!
1st November 2014 saw the thirtieth anniversary of me taking those first shaky steps into lighting design consultancy. And I'm still here!


And here's a chance to look at selections from my portfolio of projects.
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Home Lighting Design

Designing for someone's home is an intense experience. After all, its the place where most of us go to when work has finished for the day; a place of calm and safety, away from whatever it is the world wants to throw at us.
So to be trusted to take on the responsibility for someone's home lighting is a challenge and an honour


Exterior Lighting Design

Lighting in the outdoor environment has become more interesting, with far greater creative possibility thanks to new technologies. Outdoor lighting effects can be discreet and sensitive; why floodlight buildings and open spaces when so much more control and finesse can be used with outside lighting.


Leisure Lighting Design

'Leisure' is as 'leisure does' I suppose and one person's idea of leisure is someone else's idea of purgatory. What I mean by leisure is as close to my favourite dictionary definition: "unhurried ease". I like that. In my world, that means not being rushed to get stuff done, hence the image here including a pair of loungers.
hotels: spas: restaurants: theatres: a walk in the park or by the river.


Heritage Lighting Design

I love the challenge of the awkward building. And nothing brings the promise of awkwardness more than an old building; a listed building; an historic building - when light was at a premium and SPACE was designed with what light , building materials and construction techniques were available for the time.


Commercial Lighting Design

I've taken a broader net to the definition of 'commercial' to include not only office lighting, but also retail lighting and shopping malls. You'll have seen my definition of 'leisure' above: for me, shopping doesn't fit into that description, so I'm putting it here amongst our other Temples of Commerce.


Exhibition Lighting Design

I enjoy story-telling - and I appreciate the opportunities when I can use light to tell a story. Exhibition lighting, whether it be a permanent  or temporary exhibition, in a grand building or someone's hobby room, it doesn't matter.




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