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john bullock

john bullock. The Lighting Designer

 A date for your diary! 
On 1st November this year I shall have worked as an independent lighting designer for 30 YEARS! The address for congratulatory gifts and summonses is in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
jb-ld is a personal service, rather than a studio-based operation. You'll find my fingerprints - and only mine - on the designs that are produced here
jb-ld is my pride and joy, and I trust that my design work manages to bring similar feelings to my clients.


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I'm running my Home Page as a part blog / part commentary page, putting stuff here that takes my fancy, or just gives you an idea of the kind of thing that I've been up to recently. To avoid it becoming overlong, I strip out entries after a couple of months and move them gently to a new home in the Features Section (see the right column over there)


Taking a new Pinterest in life

I guess we all embrace new technologies at our own speed - and I've finally found my way to Pinterest. 



My Trousers and their Illuminant Metameric Failure

I live a simple life and am undemanding when it comes to trousers. I look for strides with two legs, preferably side-by-side but other options may be considered; a zippered fly and a couple of pockets. And BLACK.
Its not much to ask but clearly its too much to expect..

Read the story HERE



Adapt to Survive!

This has to be the message from the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report. As we head into a future that will see wetter winters and drier summers, together with greater insecurity in food production, I hope that the good people getting together at Light+Build in Frankfurt this week are considering the role that the lighting industry has to play in this global game.

Here's the link to a 4-minute video on the projected effects of  Climate Change,  from the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme.



May Design Series, London

May Design Series

May Design Series. at ExCel, London

And here's a bit of advanced publicity for a talk that I've been invited to give at the May Design Series at ExCel, London.

On SUNDAY 18th MAY at 1.30pm:  
John Bullock will be Playing By The Rules - a conversation about Residential Lighting Design.

My rules, of course - distilled from many years of chats with clients about how we move from a blank sheet of paper to a fully-expressed lighting design.

There's even mention of an underlying matrix . . .sounds like fun.

See you there!

Other speakers are also available.

Designers wih Light

Designers wih Light. at May Design Series

30 mar 14


Everyone's gone to Der Mond ...

Light+Build 2014

Light+Build 2014. it must be Frankfurt!

and a Silence fell upon the Land; automatic replies come back as "I am currently away from the office" and the plaintive hoots of "they've all gone to Frankfurt" are heard from those left behind to weep and to moan.

Yes: its Pied Piper Week in Frankfurt - Light+Build has carilloned its merry tune and the collective eyes of the UK lighting industry have misted over and headed for the cheap flights.

See you next week, guys. Oh no - I won't . . . we'll be on HOLIDAY!
Away from 7th - 11th . . . going somewhere NICE.

 30 mar 14


Letting things mature . . .

One of the things that I think is very important about lighting for the home (and which I bang on about to my clients on a regular basis) is the idea of allowing your home lighting to evolve. As you spend more time in your new home, or newly refurbished home, always be prepared to re-think ideas about decoration, or simply wait and see what might happen next.

If you followed our progress a year ago on the re-lighting of my own home, The Coach House in Sherborne (and see the videos if you missed them) you'll know that there was still work to be done beyond the final video. Well - let me report that one of the very first things that was discussed a year ago has finally come about; 
yes - the wall light shades have been made.

The Coach House

The Coach House. in March 2013

This is what we started with last year; a pair of OK sconces and a couple of shades long passed their use-by date. The combined forces of jb-ld and Townhill Studio sat down and spent many an evening trying to decide what to do. It wasn't the shape  of the shade, we were set on a simple cylindrical shade - but what to go on that shade? 
Take a look at Annabel's Townhill Studio site to understand what I mean.

The outcome is a plain shade - no pattern because we felt it would over-balance the appearance of the end wall.

The Coach House

The Coach House. in March 2014

The Coach House

The Coach House. Shade by Townhill Studio

The fabric is a fair-trade cotton. For the technically-minded, its an  undyed, organic, cross-weave cotton. The natural colour of this fabric is very similar to the colour achieved using a walnut dye - I'm told.
The shade measures 300H x 150dia and is assembled by Albioncourt Ltd, in the fair county of Dorsetshire.

16 mar 14


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