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Seminar Content



Lighting Design in Buildings: Strategy and Solutions

The Changing Lighting Fundamentals

In this detailed, technical and practical seminar, the speaker will provide a review of the basic lighting design principles needed to enhance building design:

The essence of Light Colour: looking at colour rendering and colour appearance – Colour Rendering Index and Correlated Colour Temperature

Light delivery: how much light do we need, where do we need it and what should it look like, ·

The relationship between Architecture and Lighting: considering the positive relationship that should exist between light and space and people.


Low energy in buildings: the future of new lighting technologies

The lighting market and sustainabilty commentators alike  have clearly identified LED (light-emitting diode)  as the future of lighting, the high-efficiency solution to a global energy crisis.

We will be looking at:

· The way that lighting design is changing as a consequence of LED and other new low-energy technologies

· How new product design is impacting on Lighting Codes and Building Standards

· The extent to which new technologies are impacting on the lighting palette,

· The implications for project compliance and how we can avoid pitfalls

· The trends towards ‘smart lighting’ and control

· Where the movers and shakers would like to take us – but do we want to go there?

This seminar will provide a detailed, technical and practical analysis of shifting lighting design principles as we seek to adapt to a low-energy, high-efficiency environment within our  building designs.

Personal Statement:

I have lived and worked at the heart of the lighting industry for over thirty years. I will be reviewing lighting design principles in the context of a new energy-sensitive environment and will provide working examples of how changes in technology result in changes in the way that we see things.

The built environment plays an enormous part in the way that our energy resources are used – or abused. Changes in Building Standards reflect the importance of (literally) getting our houses in order if we’re to gain an energy-secure future. Into this uncertain world has come a new generation of energy-efficient light sources; but they have brought with them a new way of doing things. Its not only the old light bulbs that we’re having to dispense with; it’s the entire visual environment that came with them.

Changes are not only occurring in the way that light is delivered; there are also changes in the way that light will work within the architectural envelope. Examples will demonstrate how we can expect our lighting installations to work in the very near future.


Specific aims/objectives of the seminar

The specific aim of the seminar is to increase awareness amongst the architectural design community of the ways that technology is changing fundamental and historic ways of seeing light-in-space.

As well as gaining new knowledge and understanding, the delegates will be encouraged to share their own lighting experiences with the presenter, bringing the subject closer to home for those engaged in this work day-to-day.



RIBA CPD in 2015

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