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Lighting Design Tutoring

In addition to the business of creating good quality, and exciting, lighting design, there's also the important work of promoting the importance of lighting and engaging in the issues of the moment - climate change and energy usage being right up there at the top of the agenda.


I'm offering bespoke seminars for design proferssionals (architects, interior designers, consulting engineers and lighting manufacturers) that go under the modest title of 'Masterclass'. The idea is that we decide in advance on a topic for discussion - perhaps the current thorny issue of best use of low energy lighting when it comes to meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations. I develop a presentation, with plenty of opportnuity for Q&As, and I bring it along to your office or studio. All I need is a room with a table and enough chairs to sit everyone down, a few decent cups of tea, mobiles on silent and we can get started.

The Masterclass concept is built around the idea of a training programme that's designed specifically for the needs of your business. Whether you'd like your staff to increase their general knowledge of lighting technology, or get to grips with how lighting design actually happens, or take on a specific topic such as (Part L) low energy lighting - all material that is appropriate to the work of the modern design studio.

The idea is that I run the sessions at your premises, perhaps in the meeting room where we can get into the material without interruption from the world on the other side of the door.

The length of a Masterclass is up to the company, and depends largely on how much material we're trying to get through. Less than a whole day is not practical, but I've run 3-day sessions  that have even included clients being involved on the final day!

If you'd like to speak to me about arranging a lighting masterclass for your design studio/business, please give me a ring.

Cost of Masterclass sessions:

Fee: £1000.00  per day plus travelling and hotel/subsistence costs as appropriate.


 Public Speaking

We are all dependent upon artificial lighting. So that makes me think that some of the work that I do should be heard about outside of the world of the design professional. At the end of the day, we are all affected by lighting and the lit environment, so it only seems fair to give members of the wider public the chance to hear some of the things that usually only get discussed in the confines of the architect's office or in front of the lighting designer's computer screen.
I'm available for speaking at business networking events, local societies and groups.

If you'd like to hear something of the wild and wonderful world of the modern lighting designer - or perhaps get an insight into the history of lighting - please get in touch. Click on the e-mail button on the left and let me have your details.


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