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A lighting adventure in Sherborne

Second in our series of video diaries describing what happened when we moved our home and workplace to a converted coach-house on the edge of the beautiful town on Sherborne in Dorset.

Now then: we have TWO videos for you this month. We've taken a decision to keep the videos to around 5 minutes, so when there's too much to say, we'll split the commentary accordingly.

Video 2


Think of this episode as the lighting designers concept presentation to the client which just means that I'm talking to myself so no change there, then.

The dining experience: well, the big news is that we've moved it. The official mezzanine dining space has been requisitioned by Townhill Studio and is now home to a work-table and storage racking. Meanwhile, the dining table is up in the living space, Say bonjour to atelier living.
One of the benefits of new LED technology is its physical size, of course. And as I can't see a conventional light fitting above the dining table, an unconventional one will have to do. If we go for a slimline LED strip, then the aluminium channel can double-up as the supporting spine for one of Annabel's textile hangings it'll disguise the look of something that I don't really want to look at, and provide us with an additional piece of artwork. 
And by the way, if you'd like to know more about Annabel's work, you can read her blog HERE

I'm concerned about what our electricity bills are going to be like here, so I'm keeping a close eye on how the energy usage is stacking up. At a length of 1.8m, this detail will mean a nett increase to the lighting load of around 30W. With lots of savings to come, I can cope with that.

Meanwhile, I really need to get to grips with the halophosphate uplighting. Techno-consciousness says that an LED strip is the super-efficient answer over the T5 alternative, but I really can't see the point. This isn't a detail that'll see a lot of use because it's something I would never specify for a client this is just about domestic stewardship. Decision: get rid of the old Crompaks and fit dimmable T5 battens with 2700K tubes. We'll be replacing each 75W T12 with maybe a pair of 21W T5 lamps. Energy saved  job done move on!

The crafty business: down on the mezzanine we have an arts and crafts space taking shape, all lit by a single 120W PAR38 lamp. This is a terrible situation. It all looks manageable quite attractive, really - until you try to work, and then you're in shadow wherever you stand.
This is an obvious situation for one of Annabel's drum shades providing not only ambient illumination, but positioned to provide shadow-free lighting on the work table.
We visited B&Q a little while ago and I was taken by their funky Lotus CFL lamp. The drum shade is big enough to swallow one of these beasties, so why not give it a try for under a tenner?
For those still counting, we'll be taking away 120W and replacing that with just 24W. I can feel my electricity bill shrinking all the time.

The kitchen is next to Annabel's workspace, and this is simple; we need more light. The fluorescent uplight above the window is a disgrace to any energy-conscious designer plenty of energy no light. I need to add an elegant piece of something, fitted directly below the uplight housing, giving me uninterrupted light across the worktops. And I think I know just the thing. It'll mean a 35W T5 lamp trumping a 120W PAR38, with far better light. Though I'm not sure what to do with that redundant PAR38 location. current thinking is that it'll turn into a task light for the tea-making station!

So just who is that I'm talking to at the moment? Here's a list of supporting manufacturers in The Coach House Re-Lighting Project.

Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd 
ETAP Lighting NV  
PJR Engineering Ltd 
RAKO Controls Ltd
Townhill Studio 

 Download the published version of this diary entry in the JUNE 2013 issue of LIGHTING magazine HERE

And just so's I don't forget ... many many thanks to the video skills of my good friend Drew at Moonstruck Films.

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