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Quantum Spin


Hello? Is John there? That’s John speaking? – oh, that’s great. Wonderful. Hi, John, how are you? I know I haven’t been in touch lately but I was really hoping to speak to you and I didn’t want to leave a message on your answer phone - and anyway, you know how things are in this business – and we’ve been going through some AMAZING new stuff. I’m just out from a week – a week, can you believe? - locked away with our technical boffins and those swivel-eyed marketing people  - all going on in a posh country hotel – great whiskies, sort of place you wouldn’t be surprised if  James Bond appeared through a window any minute – anyway, we’ve been introduced to something that you WILL NOT BELIEVE! We had a sniff of something a bit special going down for a while – the bosses walking round with a smug grin of their faces – the sort of look that makes you think they’ve been up to something behind closed doors - you know what I mean. Anyway, this thing is so new that we’ve all been sworn to secrecy – if I tell you I have to shoot you kind of thing – but even the Men In Suits have understood that there are some people that we just HAVE to go and talk to about it, so we sat down last night and worked out a Top Man list of consultants and specifiers who we all know we can trust and who’ll be as excited as us about what’s going on here. Your name was top of the list, of course - as you’d expect, a man of your cal-i-bre – and I said I’d be on the phone to you very first thing. I mean, it’s not often in your working life that you feel like you’re part of something really massive – a what-do-they-call-it – a quantum shift. Well, let me tell you, mate, this is the stuff that the word ‘shift’ was really made for. Nothing will be the same again. Remember the first time you saw a dichroic lamp and you just knew – things will never be the same. Well, here we are again – it’s that same kind of feeling. Now, we have to be careful, because we know there are companies out there and they’re all on the same road as us – and I don’t need to tell you who they are. But to tell you the truth, they’re not in the one-two-three with us. They’ve been gimping around with some half-arsed version of what we’ve got, thinking they’re cock-of-the-walk, just because they’re so big and we’re just a bunch of guys doing what we do. And we all know that they’ve lost the plot, got too flabby and self-satisfied and don’t believe anyone can touch them, well let me tell you - once they see what I’ve been looking at this week, they’ll just roll over and die of envy. I hope so anyway – that’d help my figures. Ha! So the thing is, what we need to do now is move this beauty along to the next vital stage and that means aiming at the old high-profile specification. Trouble is, I can’t just come down and see you like this was just the launch of another old dog - we have to let this puppy get up on its back legs and show you what tricks it can do.  There’s only a handful of working samples at the moment - and believe me you have to see this working to appreciate just what it can do and why its going to make the splash that we reckon it will. So I want to invite you to our offices for a special one-on-one presentation – sort of mano-e-mano set-up – where you can tell us what you think about it and see if you’re as excited as we are and maybe let us have some ideas for how you’d use it and who knows where that might lead .......

RIBA CPD in 2015

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