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The Life and Times of the LED - Article 1


I've been writing about the curious, sometimes strained, relationship that exists between LED lighting and Sustainability issues - with some surprising finds. Thanks are due to LUX magazine for the original commission of ten articles, beginning in October 2013 and due to complete in August 2014. Its been a bit of a blast.

The first article 'The Heat Is On' looks at how the make-up of a light fitting has changed with the introduction of the LED.
When LEDs were first introduced to architectural lighting design they were trumpeted as a high efficiency, no-loss, source, with all of the energy consumed going to the production of Light. A 100% efficient source. Oh yes, and they lasted forever.
Now, as more powerful LEDs have arrived - LEDs that are actually useful for spatial illumination - we know that there is a serious thermal issue that has to be addressed (its possible that around 75% of the energy comsumed by an LED can be lost to heat).
The form of the light fitting has had to adapt.


'The HEAT is On' 
October 2013.
Here, I look at the way that the use of materials has been affected by the introduction of the LED.







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And if you'd like to download a PDF of the article, you can do that here.

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