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Lighting the Home: Keeping it Real


Once Upon A Scheme

This how it goes: you've briefed your lighting designer, s/he's gone away and thought about stuff for a bit, and now s/he's back with a brimful of ideas of the What-Could-Be!

Because this is The Moment, a confluence of flowing creative juices, when joy is unbounden and you know that, if you wanted to, you could jump over the moon.  For this is the time of the Dream Scheme.

In every room, on every wall and every ceiling, from every floor and even into those little spaces in-between where you'll keep the vacuum cleaner, DESIGN dances with ART while BEAUTY jigs along to the beat of PURE HAPPINESS, while all you can think  of is the What-Could-Be.

But the Dream Scheme is never realised, because that's not how these tales end. For once the Imagineering comes to a gasping halt you sense a chill in the air; the shadows in the corner of the room thicken until one part of Shadow detaches itself from the rest and creeps lumbers . . . towards you.

"What kind of beast are you?" you cry.

"My name is... Reality.
And I have a Check for you."


But don't forget,  the Art of the Possible is still POSSIBLE - its just harder work.

RIBA CPD in 2015

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