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Lighting the Home: The Bathroom 2


Bathroom Lighting 2

Once you've sorted out the lighting around the wash-basin, you can be as playful as you like around the rest of the room - one client is contemplating an illuminated dog on a shelf above the WC (no - please don't ask). Its the lighting designer's job to get the priorities sorted out - its your job to explore your inner foolishness.

Nothing alters the basic tenet that light needs to go where light is needed, but there aren't usually so many places in a bathroom to worry about. I like to read in the bath - so no gifts of e-books for me, thanks - so its important to me that light washes around the head of the bath - and lighting around the front of the WC can be useful as well.

And on that subject: lighting of 'interior architecture' within a bathroom - all those niches and shelves - can be very exciting, but if you need lighting at the WC, its pointless only having it on a feature that's behind you. Its time to double up - a feature light and a practical light.

And, unless you hold the occasional musical soiree in your bathroom - that's all you need.

We'll talk about musical soirees another time . . .

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