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Home lighting - making it a bit special


Its not always in the Catalogue

There are times - many times, perhaps - when the total stock of commercially available light fittings just doesn't quite do the job.

There is a reason for this, of course. Those folks who make and sell light fittings need to sell them in their hundreds and thousands if they are to return any kind of profit on the investment in the original design - whereas I sit across the kitchen table from a client with a specific vision, a specific need and a specific way of seeing the world that is their home.

Which is why I often find myself in Blue Peter Mode, workng up prototypes of decorative fixtures to see if they pass muster. Here's my latest effort; my client asked if I liked The Shard in London (yes, quoth I) and did I think it might make an interesting reference for a pendant fixture to hang above a staircase (I quothed in the positive once more). So here it is - a Sunday Morning Sample.

Which might end up as my bedside lamp.








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