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Lighting the Home: by The Rules


Introducing The Rules of Three

One of the things that draws me to residential lighting design is the intensity and intimacy that drives the lighting solutions. Once the design team and the contractors have all gone home, its the clients who are left to ponder over all of the whizz bangs and chaos of the previous months, wondering "what was that all about?"

Hopefully, those of us who go home to our own beds will be able to bask in the comfort and knowledge of a job well done - but, back in the early days of the project, that job needed some serious conversations to take place. This PowerPoint presentation was given at the May Design Series, in London on 18th May 2014 and talks about what it means for me as the lighting designer to get the answers right.


Its all about The Rules of Three . . .


The Rules of Three - the Magic in Residential Lighting Design from john bullock



RIBA CPD in 2015

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