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Trouble with Part L


The Society of Light and Lighting is getting grumpy with Part L. It seems that they are getting over-excited because the regulations don't take into account the length of time that low-energy light fittings are used. PEOPLE MAY NOT SWITCH THEM OFF!  So what use is the Conservation of Fuel and Power, then?

SLL believes that the design metrics should change from lm/W to kWh/m2 ..... and I tell you what - that's something that really makes ME grumpy!

A couple of thing happen if this kind of change is embraced:

1. It does away with the need for 'low energy' sources. If a designer can show that consumption figures are within the agreed bounds, then it'll be filament lamps, ahoy! Why do I suspect the anti-low-energy brigade in this, together with the 'CFL Nazi Gas causes Cancer' cohorts of the Daily Express.

2. It introduces a whole new dimension into the design metrics  .....  TIME!

So planning permissions are based on how long a building remains open for business - meters come equipped with maximum consumption setting and then shut the place down when that figure is exceeded. How is this meant to work?

But there's something very important about TIME, and it has nothing to do with lighting. Someone somewhere might explain to you the paradox of the humble, but centuries-lasting, brick and its unacceptable carbon footprint.

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