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Sustainability: They Seek it Here; They Seek it There . . .


Last week, I fronted my very first TweetChat on behalf of the ILP (Institution of Lighting Professionals) discussing Sustainability issues in the UK lighting industry with all-comers.

A very interesting experience that demands succinct and acute comment, delivered in just 140 characters - not hithertofore acknowledged as my forte (you see what I mean).

And did Twitter ever think of people like me writing about Sustainable Development (24 characters in total) or SusDev as we must learn to call it.

The TweetChat was promoting the ILP Professional Lighting Summit, taking place in Solihull on 24-25th September. I'll be talking about . . . er . . . "Sustainability in the UK lighting industry" on Thursday 25th, at 11.35am.

See you there!


Anyway; if you weren't able to contribute or earwig (eyewig?) from the sidlines, you can get the gist of it HERE!



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