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The Burning Answer - at 25%


Well, I'm a quarter of the way through Keith Barnham's book 'The Burning Answer' and so far I've learned THREE things:

1. I will NEVER understand how atoms work.
I dutifully read the words; I recognise each one individually, but when strung together in a sentence, I begin to get some idea of what my dog Sam heard when I was telling him that its not suppertime yet.
And I think Barnham is very good at explaining things!

2. There is a discernible relationship between the development of nuclear power (and weaponry) and solar technology.
The development of solar technology is a political act - not a commercial or technological one. Governments will find all the money they need to enhance their military situation, but the same will does not exist when it comes to the energy security of the country.

3. Einstein came up with TWO equations.
E = mc2 became the popular one because it coincided with the militarisation of the developed world thanks to nazism and communism - thanks guys!
This is the one that will destroy un unless we pay better attention.
E = hf sounds a bit simple - but its the one that won Albert the Nobel Prize, so there must be something in it.
And this is the one that can bring us to a sustainable future - Huzzah!

And there we are so far. I still don't know whodunnit, but my money's on that chap Planck and his damned Constant!

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