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LEDs and what lighting designers want from them


Its been a strange start to 2013, with two seminars already under my belt dealing with the same topic: "What do lighting designers / lighting specifiers want from LEDs".

As far as I'm concerned its a simple answer: I want the same from LEDs as I expect from everything else that I specify, and that is Quality. There is no special "LED Club" that distinguishes that source from everything else on the design palette, so I expect the LED to pull its weight and deliver on its promises.

The opening sequence of the presentation refers to my contention that there have been only FOUR (OK, maybe three-and-a-half) revolutions in lighting development since the dawn of time:

1. capturing FIRE
(for which we thank Prometheus - and we feel your pain, though would prefer not to share it, thanks all the same)

2. capturing LIGHTNING
(for which we thank Michael Faraday, without whom none of this would have been possible)

3. miniaturisation
(this is the HALF a revolution, but its important because it sets us up for the FOURTH revolution

4. The LED
(alchemical light - made out of rocks and stuff)

Feel free to argue with me if you really have to .... but I suspect we've all got much better things to be doing.


Here's the PDF version of the PowerPoint that accompanied both seminars.


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