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Thinking Green


Attitudes to UK Industry

I received this report from Thomas Holgeth of High Technology Lighting this morning. I don't know CadenceFisher, whose report it is, but I do like their report.

On page 2 we're offered six headlines:
Explore Green
Speak Green
Brand Green
Pay More
Sustainable Trust
Sustainable Investment

This is how we see it from the GS-L perspective (apologies if this comes across as a bit too much like self-promotion. I'm sure its only deliberate):

Explore Green: We know that there is a general sympathy for companies who are seen to be 'doing the right thing'. But, as the next headline shows, more needs to be done to get the information out into the marketplace.

Speak Green: And a good number of people don't think they're hearing enough about what companies are actually doing. We also know that its hard enough to promote the core business of selling good quality lighting without having to invest even more in telling folk how you go about it. That's the job of GS-L, via the website, general promotion of the GS-L programme and targeted lobbying of the legislators and specfication writers.

Brand Green: For those of us who grew up with eggs having little lions on them, we'd all be happy to see an independent standard of sustainable accomplishment. In reality, that will come from initiatives like GS-L providing thrid-party accreditation. We ARE that little lion!

Pay More: There is a perceived cost hurdle for undertaking the 'sustainability journey'; we know that. But we also believe that engaging fully with the CSR process means less waste and reduced costs - and that's before locking into a sustainable approach to product design and development.

Sustainable Trust: One of the main purposes of a CSR programme is to engender Trust in the supply chain - upwards into the resource network and downwards into the broader marketplace. And as more companies come to understand the importance of Trust - the more a robust Trust network translates into good, and profitable, business.

Sustainable Investment: The report is talking within the fairly narrow bracket of renewable energy; the bigger investment picture will revolve around the implementation of CSR programmes and third-party accreditations. THat is where the financial institutions will b elooking, because those organisations will be built on a firm foundation - because that's what Sustainability means.

So there we are ... now you can see why I like the report so much; the analysis is describing exactly the situation that we have been talking about and that gives GS-L its relevance.

In fact, I'll add one more headline, maybe for next year's report ....

EXPECT GREEN: Why should customers expect anything less from the lighting industry than companies who take full responsibility for their actions across the three bottom-line issues that drive good sustainable business: economy + environment + society.
That is all.

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