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By the Power of Zhaga!


The Zhaga standards � from a new organisation made up of top lighting manufacturers � aim to �give consumers confidence to specify and purchase LED products ...�

�So, Mr. Bond � we meet at last.�
�Damn you, Zhaga. But you�ll never get away with it. I�ve seen many dastardly plans in my time, but if you think you can take over the world by subjugating the wills of those free spirits in LEDland, then you�ll just have to THINK AGAIN!�
�You believe that you see through our ruse, Mr Bond? Yes, what seems an innocent initiative to bring those smiling, happy, simple, LEDpeople together under one eco-friendly banner, only then to harness the power of those minds by creating a global force of drab standardised uniformity that will swamp the entire world!�
�Bigger and better monsters than you have tried and failed, Zhaga! You forget that the individual will always desire to do things differently; will always triumph over the grey-suited legions of mediocrity, and this will be no different.�
�Ah, but this time it WILL be different, Mr Bond. Because what you don�t know is that this has already been tried without you, or anyone else, becoming aware until it was too late. Quietly, patiently and remorselessly, we have tested the resolve of these �creative spirits� of whom you speak. And � let me tell you � they were found very wanting.�
�You don�t mean .....�
�Yes, Mr. Bond, that�s exactly what I do mean! Dichroic lamps � the touchstone of modern lighting. Where do you think the original resources came from to create a specification market where only one type of lamp was acceptable � where no other form of lighting was even considered possible! And once the power of the LED in is our hands - then you�ll see what global dominance REALLY means. And there�s nothing you can do to stop us! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.�
�I�ve said it before, and I�ll say it again; damn you, Zhaga!�

RIBA CPD in 2015

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