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Whose side are you on


I see that the professional organisation to whom I pay an annual wedge � that�s the Society of Light and Lighting � have produced a new Handbook. Now I�ve always presumed that SLL is there to look after my interests, being a professional kind of chap, and perhaps also generally to promote good lighting design practice. How wrong can I have been � and I�ve paid my subs!

According to a co-author of the Handbook, one Peter Raynham, only about 5% of lighting schemes are produced by people who know what they�re talking about; the rest are done by the usual bunch of schmoes � the poor sods who weren�t paying attention when the jobs got handed out and ended up with the lighting brief. So what better than to produce a Handbook to justify someone totally ill-equipped to do the job and give them �a genuine handbook that will fit easily into a briefcase�!

Great thinking guys � and what a wonderful advertisement for a professional organisation. And nothing to do with the fact that if you scratch the paintwork of the SLL you find the CIBSE colours underneath � and what organisation might these unfortunate schmoes belong to ........ hmmmmm?

But hey, let�s go with the flow here. Perhaps I can look forward to the RIBA producing a RIBA Architects Handbook for those of us in the building design industry who don�t know an atrium from a teapot. Let me through! I�ve got an architects Handbook in my briefcase!

And I�m sure that I�ll be returning to this topic once I can actually get my hands on a copy of the damned book.

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