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When there's nothing in the catalogue


There are times . . . 

and I mean this quite literally, when there is nothing in any catalogie that fits the bill. I know that manufacturers have to deal with the commercial end of things, so there is often a commonplace feel about what's on offer. Here's my latest invention for a Dorset cottage kitchen. I don't expect to see anything like this in catalogues anytime soon.

A low ceiling height and exposed beams set the scene, and having got the client to agree that - yes, that's the only practical place in this room where the table can go - we're set for something a bit special.

Three companies come together to produce the finished piece - along with the electricians who had the job of assembling it.

Credits are due to:
Kevin Brown at The Metal Workshop in Yeovil for the 'ladder' framework and inset panels
Kansacraft for the prismatic shades
John Moncrieff for the pattresses
(I love pattresses!) and the BC lampholders.

Oh yes, and Philips for the dimmable LED filament GLS lamp. Working well.

Thanks to all.

RIBA CPD in 2015

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