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Always something new . . .


When lighting changes shape, there's always somewhere new to go . . .  

The world is getting used to LEDs and there's already a sense of ennui creeping in; we can see what it can do, there's been some interesting stuff - now can we just get back to the business of being boring about lighting.

But it doesn't have to be like this:

I'm writing this at Christmas time, which - if nothing else - is a time of nostalgia and endless repetition of all the years gone by. You used to be able to set your watch by the time that my aunt started complaining about her pension - year after year after year.
Sheesh - talk about the ghost of Christmas past.

But when it comes to the decorative end of things there's always scope for a bit of invention. This year I rummaged through my samples cupboard and came up with a circular LED panel (apologies to those clients who I thought had nicked it - and those other clients who never got to see it . . .because I thought someone had nicked it).

Our very favourite driftwood Christmas tree (waste not, etc) is hung with all the festive gee-gaws of many Christmases gone by but I thought it was looking a bit dull, sitting there on the bookcase. So what could be better than to haul out that super-slim LED panel, drape a piece of golden silk fabric (that's what you get for living with a textile designer . . . if you're interested) and end up with the most gothic-looking piece of Christmas decoration that no one ever expected to see.



I am intrigued by what we can do with things when we haul ourselves out of the ordinary and let our creative instincts run wild; which is why the little beauty on my keyboard is going to transform domestic lighting as we've always known it. This little widgit came about by accident - mainly because I hadn't worked out the finer details of something that I wanted to do.
Thanks to Alan Thornton at Earlsmann Ltd for getting me out of the brown stuff.

I'm afraid that you're going to have to wait and see what this little beauty can do until New Year. It arrived a couple of days late for getting it to site, so I'm left with an idiot grin on my face, knowing how slick this little monkey is going to be when we fit it in the New Year.

Don't worry - I'll be writing about it then.


While I'm rattling on - and I have to admit that there's a bit of synchronicity involved here. In my role as Applications Editor of Lux Review, I'll be chairing a 2-day Lighting Fixture Design Conference in London on 21-22 February 2017. Go on then, I'll give you the details of that, you'll find all the information by clicking on the title here.

RIBA CPD in 2015

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