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When the music stops


A jester enters into the presence of the King:
�Sire, thou wilst remember � for thy powers of recollection are unsurpassed throughout the kingdom � the band of minstrels that performed for her Majesty the Queen�s birthday celebrations last year .....�
�Yes, yes � The Four Horsemen. Verily, we bent a merry knee to that merry combo. And why do you come before me with this memory test, fool?�
�Sire, I beg your blessings on my humble head � but there is word from the village that Plague has come! Perhaps he seeks a solo gig at the next court banquet.�
�Fah! He�s probably gone acoustic and turned into a folk singer, Away with him, or his head will be on the block. Or yours, perhaps for bringing such troublesome information before your King.�
Sometime later ....
�My liege � I have good news and I have bad news for you.�
�This had better be good, fool. Continue ....�
�The bad news is that it�s not Plague the musician � its just Plague. The good news is that at least it�s not a folk singer.�

Being a generally bolshie chap with a happy smile I�ve often sympathised with the role of court jester � or philosopher-fool, as I prefer to think of the Pig-Bladdered-one. Jingling your bells at your Betters � how good a life could that be? Oh, what joy we had. But what do you do when Plague came to the court- when the vandals arrive at the gates � when the Kings is in the counting house, and there�s nothing there?
Lordy lawks � what fun we used to have.

Is this too depressing? Go hit yourself with a bladder. It ain�t over �til the folk singer


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