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Something stirring in the flower beds


There's nothing I like more than a decent collaboration, so I'd like to thank Kevin Brown of The Metal Workshop in Yeovil (01935 422346) for his creative efforts in raising what could have been a boring and unexceptional bit of lighting into a thing of wrought iron beauty.

It all started with a desire to light a stretch of lawn from the garden gate to the front door - not a lot of light, but enough not to trip over any sleeping wildlife. The light fittings that are generally available are - not to be put too fine a point on it - BORING! So it has to be a bespoke solution.

I decided to separate the two things; the light from the fixture. First, get the light right, then find the fixture to put it inside. The tiny LED fixture comes from my good friends NJO Technology Ltd up there in Kendal. I hoped that I'd given Kevin a simple enough brief and gave him his head to come up with something a bit unusual - which he has done fantastically well.


RIBA CPD in 2015

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