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Introducing The Light Review


There are skills that a lighting designer accumulates across the years, and one of those is the ability to look at a light fitting and decide whether its worth the effort of specifying it or not.

I'm hoping to make use of those skills via a new venture, The Light Review. Its an on-line review facility that will enable other designers to make an assessment of new product. But this won't just be me writing a review about a new fitting - how very 20th century is that (!). No - this will be a face-face conversation with the people who are actively promoting the product - the manufacturers, agents and distributors of lighting product. But I expect them to be well armed and knowledgeable about their product, because this will all be video'd and made available on my website and elsewhere, no doubt.

I'm being told by manufacturers that its becoming more difficult to arrange meetings to present new equipment to specifiers; well, I'm a specifier and I'm inviting them to come and see me.



RIBA CPD in 2015

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