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Blogs Summer 2014


Carry On Up the Lampshade

I've been doing a bit of historical research, and have come up with an astonishing find . .

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Presenting The Rules of Three at May Design Series, London May 2014

See it HERE.


If Music be . . . you know the rest:

A little special something drops into the inbox this morning, from that doyen of video- and song-making: Drew Warner of Moonstruck Films in full Drew Crow Star alterego mode, presents THIS IS FOR YOU, DREW!


In the Belly of The Beast

Probably not the best way to describe a client, but this is an unusual week, with me spending a couple of days staying with a client in their home. We're discussing All Things Lighting because this is a house that will be a long term project and not one that fits comfortably into a lighting designer's idea of project scheduling. I'm here to TEACH (and do a bit of proper design at  the same time).
I have the opportunity to talk about anything and everything that might be relevant - to move the furniture around and criticise the artwork, or at least it's placing around the walls. Good fun!


Lighting on the Rebound, by Jevons!

The more I look at the lighting magazines (yes, including the ones who humour me by publishing my wit and wisdom) the less I recognise the world around me. 
Extraordinary feats of lighting hubris as the LED continues on its scintillating journey to take over the world. 
Here's my take on things: HERE!



Taking a new Pinterest in life

I guess we all embrace new technologies at our own speed - and I've finally found my way to Pinterest. 


My Trousers and their Illuminant Metameric Failure

I live a simple life and am undemanding when it comes to trousers. I look for strides with two legs, preferably side-by-side but other options may be considered; a zippered fly and a couple of pockets. And BLACK.
Its not much to ask but clearly its too much to expect..

Read the story HERE


RIBA CPD in 2015

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