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Blogs Summer 2013



Back in the summer of 2013 . . .


And the entertainment that is colour-changing goes on:



Brand new architect-designed  kiosks on display throughout the summer in the Lower Gardens, Bournemouth. This little video was shot during programming - it was very late - that's why its closed . . . and the explosions had nothing to do with me (no matter what they say). 


Of course - being summertime . . .




 some of us are out there enjoying ourselves.

And the founder (and only) members of Kabin Fever are reminding themselves why their production company goes by the name of Badgers Arse Productions.

That'll be DREW (of Moonstruck Films) and ME (of Here)


Meanwhile, over at LUX magazine:

 Something to look forward to in the coming months, LUX magazine has commissioned me to write a series of articles investigating the background to the LED light fitting; what goes into it, where it comes from and how do we get rid of it. 

First piece is due in the October issue.

 And October just happens to be just ONE MONTH before the wonderful LuxLive appears yet again at Earls Court. Details HERE


 Video Diary: re-lighting The Coach House (video 4)


 We moved home at the end of February and  immediately got stuck into a relighting exercise - mainly because we couldn't see what we were cooking or eating and it was all a bit of a mess.

The adventure was picked up by LIGHTING magazine and I'm grateful to the editorial staff at the magazine and to all the manufacturers who helped make it such a successful project..

See the fourth (and final until the next one) video HERE!

Video Diary: the out-takes

Of course, no video series would be complete without someone recording the embarrassing bits . . . . . . . . . . . . 


As ever - all gratitude to Drew and Holly at Moonstruck Films for their skill and patience. 


What else? Ah yes . . . . . Apple Business


 Yes, its a dramatic image, but I don't hold with it. The technologists and general boffinry at Apple should have had a word with the marketing department about this one.

Read my general whinge HERE  


Video Diary: re-lighting The Coach House (Video 3)


 After doing a lot of talking about it, we finally got to the bit where new lighting was installed and looking mighty fine.

HERE  t'is.


RIBA CPD in 2015

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