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Maybe not so Clever?


Now: I certainly don't want to get on the wrong side of Apple's legal beagles, but I can't help but be concerned at the image looking out at me from the centrespread of today's Guardian newspaper (that's Friday 12th July 2013 for you timetravellers).

I think I'm looking at a young girl in a darkened living room (or maybe a really posh bedroom)  Whichever, if its that late, she should be getting ready for a good night's kip. But instead she's staring (that's DEFINITELY a stare) into her Apple ThingyPadPodPud, which, in turn, is bathing her in what looks like far too much light for comfort.

Surely, the technologists at Apple must be aware of the issues that are being raised about the quality of illumination that screens are emitting - the illuminaince levels, the high level of Blue in the radiated spectrum -  and the health hazards that are being associated with melatonin suppression - particularly on young people?

This girl should not be doing this - its her bedtime - and Apple shouldn't be encouraging it.

And what are her parents thinking?


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