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Blogs May - June 2013


June - Best of Townhill Studio

While I get on with my stuff, Annabel is producing wonderful plant images via her textile designs and shibori-dyeing techniques at Townhill Studio. While we were shooting the latest video Holly (Moonstruck Films) caught this great image of Annabel's work.


June - in a Dragon's Den


A last minute invitation from Ray Molony of Lux Magazine to appear in a 'Dragon's Den' style presentation at the Lighting Fixtures Design conference in London last week (5-6 June) resulted in an entertaining quarter of an hour. Hear it HERE.


June - Pavilion Reprise

I've been asked if I have a close-up of the light fixture that's doing all the damage in the Pool Pavilion (featured below). Here it is .....



May - Clouds of Light

When I mentioned in my second Coach House video that I ws looking for a cloud of light above the sofa in the living space, I didn't expect to open a newspaper a couple of weeks later to see ... a Cloud of Light.
Wonderfully expressed by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, a series of images showing just that juxtaposition of The Cloud and The Light. 

See more of Smide's images HERE


 May - turn it up to eleven!

Its always (?) a joy to see a project 'go live' and when you have some funky colour-changing to play with - this is what can happen. 
Just don't tell the client.


May: Impact assessments - what?


Back in ye olden dayes, no one really knew what was going on with lighting design, so we could get away with all sorts of stuff. Amongst some of the dodgy stuff there were some golden moments. 
So remember: anything lit in GREEN like the Hoover Building on A40 - rubbish,
but the day that the Lloyds Building was switched on ... WOW!
And now we have Environmental Lighting Impact Assessments. For this we can blame green lighting, NOT Richard Rogers' architecture.
I've sent for my copy this very day and looking forward to some exhilarating reading as I expand my skills in ways I never thought imaginable ( or necessary ).

RIBA CPD in 2015

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