Nice People to do Business with

Lighting design may take place in a quiet monastic environment, but its a people business and heres my list of friends and contacts whove made my life easier over the past few years.


Website designers of this wonderful site and the most helpful people in the world.

Aline Johnson

Aline Johnson is a glass artist who works with light as a supporting medium for her creations.

Gabriel Holland

Gabriel Holland is a freelance interior designer who works on both domestic and commercial interiors. That's what it says on her website - so it must be true.

And a jolly fine person to work with, too.

Morgan Carey Architects

Morgan Carey Architects is an exciting practice to work with. Ken Morgan and Mark Carey pay great attention to their design and insist on the same care from the rest of the team - including the lighting designer.

Take a look at: The Beach House, Studland and The Voysey House, Studland

Paul Swatridge

Paul Swatridge works in wood and produces beautiful objects. Every now and again we're able to work together to produce supporting decorative embellishments to fittings that I've designed. Lovely stuff.