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my lighting design

    My Lighting Design How a lighting designer works: I work as an independent lighting designer; and that means that my income is derived entirely from fee-based appointments. I don't sell light fittings and I don't install them. That means that my sole focus is in producing the best possible design for my client. Ideally, my design contract would be directly with the client, though there are occasions when it's deemed preferable for me to 'belong...

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Products That Last - Review No.1

Products That Last - Product Design for Circular Business Models. This is the first of (probably) four reviews of a new book that discusses the necessity of shifting towards a design paradigm that has lifespan of product and re-use of components at its heart. As usual, I'm reviewing as I read, so you get what comes into my head almost as soon as finish a section of the book. Products That Last is published by TU Delft Library and is the result of a project supported by the Netherlands...

What makes a Sustainable Lighting Manufacturer?

Today (and every day) I�m asking the question: what should I expect from a �sustainable� lighting manufacturer? This is not an abstract � angels-dancing-on-pinhead piece of philosophy; I really mean it. What DO I expect from a sustainable lighting manufacturer. 1. Tell the truth. If any manufacturer says to me; �we operate a 100% sustainable business� then I know I�m being lied to. If you�re making things, then you�re in a negative relationship with the store of the planet...